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Can you install solar panels yourself?

Published On:  October 4, 2020
Published On : October 4, 2020

Can you install solar panels yourself?

It is often advised to use solar as a means of energy since it is critical to protecting the environment. Solar is always friendly to the ground, and you should ensure to make use of it. Also, one reason why it is advised to make use of solar is that it is affordable. Solar is less costly, and this allows you to save your bills. In any home, solar panels are essential components, but they are delicate to manage. Indeed, you can install your solar panels yourself. However, it can be troublesome to install them, especially if you are a first-timer. Installing these components is hard; it is not relatively easy to add solar panels as mounting a light fixture or switching out your water filtration device. You need to be knowledgeable from knowing the basics up until the installation. When it comes to electrical appliances, you should always consider your safety. If you cannot install these light electrical fixtures, do not establish a solar panel in your house. There are a lot of items associated with the installation. The installation process is not something you can perform yourself, from climbing to the rooftops, ensuring that the wires are correctly connected, to placing the panels. Therefore, you need to be extra careful.  

Take note, improperly assembled solar panels might end up costing you in the long run, which in the first place is counterintuitive to the idea of solar paneling. There are state and local rules that need to be followed to optimize savings and functionality, and angling needs to be just right for you. Not to mention sophisticated wiring methods and ensure that your roof's integrity is appropriate for carrying the solar panels' weight.

Let us find out the advantage and disadvantages of installing solar panels yourself. We were hoping you could make the right decision, as it can be a risk to jump in.

Advantages of Building your own solar panel

You get to know how to build your solar, which will work for small off-grid projects. But these home solar kits made for off-grid use means you can't use them and stay connected to your utility. If you are an average homeowner, it is probably not in your best interest to go off-grid. It is vital to be able to access utility-generated electricity if your solar energy system does not produce enough electricity at all times of the day during the year to meet your needs.

On the other hand, if you have a large property and want to power an outlying field, such as a barn or tool shed, or want to install outdoor lights easily, Do-It-Yourself solar projects can be useful. Your energy needs would be relatively low in those situations, so it is feasible to purchase a small home solar kit and install it yourself. Additionally, in contrast to the prices you pay for licensed solar panel installers, the cost of doing it on your own will be much lower.

Disadvantages of building your own solar panel

A solar installation is complicated, and it takes preparation and experience to use homemade solar energy. Just like any handyman work, it takes knowledge. A home solar kit can be less costly, but you need to keep in mind that solar installers deliver tremendous value for the ten percent you are trying to save. Yes, there are home solar kits sold at hardware stores, and you may think you're getting a deal at that moment, you are also going to miss the efficiency, benefits, and discounts that only come with the professional installation of solar panels. To get your solar energy system up and to run, you need to file the permits and applications. This is especially important because, without sign-off from a licensed electrician, your utility won't let you link your machine to the grid. And that is where a licensed installer of a solar panel comes in. Your solar installer will help you in submitting the permits quickly. Hence, finding someone who knows what they are doing will potentially save you both time and money when it comes to installing an expensive electrical system at your house. 

If you want to install a solar system yourself, there might also be problems surrounding insurance and mortgages. For instance, when you choose to sell your house, you might find the process complicates matters since you don't have the relevant certification associated with connecting your PV system to the primary or national grid power. 

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